Statistics show that in 2020 there were nearly 1.5M non-fatal workplace injuries and illnesses that required days off from work1. This staggering number begs an answer to the question, how many of these injuries and accidents could have been prevented by implementing a reliable, non-slip walking surface in these workplace environments? 

Regardless of your industry, you need to ensure your employees are safe by minimizing the risk of injury. One very common cause of workplace injuries are slips and falls, so ensuring walking surfaces are slip-resistant is critical. 

There are many types of non-slip products for walking surfaces on the market. The most common product is diamond plate, which is extremely slippery when wet. And while other walking surface products offer better traction when wet, most are produced by additive means, which can fail in use or present fabrication challenges. 

All other high coefficient of friction walking surfaces are created through bonding, a process in which thermal spray, laser sintering, or epoxy coating is used to create the non-slip finish. However, through the bonding process there are extensive flaws including chipping, which increases the likelihood of slips and product contamination from failed surface flakes.

We recommend looking for in a non-slip walking surface product is one that is proven to withstand the most intense conditions and is not produced by additive means, which can cause chipping, breaking, and flaking off. 

GripTread is made from an abrading technique, which creates a non-slip surface on otherwise smooth metal sheet or plate. This proven technique results in a safer, more sanitary, non-slip walking surface that can withstand extensive use with no chipping, breaking off or flaking off. 

This type of product is ideal for wet and washdown conditions, is chemically resistant, and sanitary. The abrading process brings greater safety to all employees, and through its durability to intensive cleaning, it ensures a more sanitary process is used to create the products that consumers buy. 

GripTread also provides extensive versatility in the workplace. Our design resources can produce 3D models, detailed drawings, and PE stamped drawings to satisfy any project need. Specifically, we have extensive experience in designing staircases, crossovers, catwalks, mezzanines, platforms, rolling staircases/ladders, floor coverings, and more. And, although our expertise is in the food, beverage, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industry, the applications towards greater safety are limitless and extensive. Take the first step towards greater workplace safety with us today!

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