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Non-slip walking surface solutions.

The most common product used for walking surfaces, diamond plate, is extremely slippery when wet. While other walking surface products offer better wet traction than diamond plate, they are produced by additive means that can fail in use or present fabrication challenges. GripTread was born from seeing a tremendous need for a product that offered excellent wet and dry slip resistance, balanced with longevity and ease of use by fabricators.


All other high coefficient of friction walking surface products are produced by a bonding process—be it thermal spray, laser sintering, or epoxy coating—that can fail, causing chipping, which increases the likelihood of slips and product contamination from failed surface flakes.

GripTread is created via abrading to create a non-slip surface on an otherwise smooth metal sheet or plate. The result is a safer, more sanitary, non-slip walking surface proven to withstand extensive use with no chipping, breaking off or flaking off.


GripTread was developed for the demanding conditions of food, beverage and pharmaceutical production where chemical resistant, sanitary surfaces are needed for both product and employee safety. However, GripTread is an ideal fit for any workplace, commercial spaces and applications where slip, trip and fall prevention safety is needed.

GripTread Exceeds the standards for coefficient of friction referenced by:


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