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GripTread, is created using a patented abrading technique on otherwise smooth metal sheet or plate to produce a rough, non-slip walking surface. Since no material is added to the surface, there is:

  • No Chipping

  • No Breaking

  • No Flaking

In wet and wash-down environments, work and walking surfaces that are chemical-resistant, sanitary, and maintain traction are critical for ensuring safety, compliance, and efficiency.

There are a few options, but not all non-slip or slip-resistant products are made the same. So, how do you choose?


With GripTread you get Long-Term Safety
For Metal Walking Surfaces Through:

Customized Options

Customized Options

A variety of thicknesses, alloys, sizes & finishes for a customizable approach to meet your fabrication needs.

Limitless Applications

Limitless Applications

GripTread is ideal for food, beverage, pharmaceuticals & chemical industries, but the applications are limitless.

Safe, Durable Surfaces

Safe, Durable Surfaces

Wherever a metal decking is needed, GripTread provides a safe, durable, and slip-resistant surface.

A customizable approach
to Meet your project needs

Choose from a variety of thicknesses, alloys, sizes & finishes.


What Our Customers Say:

"As a dairy technologist and process engineer with 45 years’ experience in milk processing and beverage facility design and construction, I was intrigued with the innovative nonslip flooring material of GripTread. They saw the limitations of the existing various nonslip flooring and decking, so they came up with something better. After designing and building my own small artisan dairy processing plant in 2007, and after operating it for over five years, there were two critical places that needed better solutions than what was currently available. The stainless steel sheets with slip resistant surface treatment proved perfect to fabricate a continuous sealed and watertight step surface. It has now been installed for over 6 years and has performed wonderfully."

"As a food processor, we are constantly looking for better solutions for S/S equipment. Our main concerns are food safety and personnel safety. Our GripTread sales rep committed to replace the material if it did not meet our expectations. Knowing their history and integrity we agreed to give GripTread a try. Our application was an elevated platform to support a mixing kettle with a stairway to access the mixer. The area is constantly wet with heavy operator traffic. We could not be more impressed. It has exceeded our expectations for hygiene and after four years, it shows no wear. The other important bonus has been safety. The operators have praised GripTread over other decking materials, we have used in the past. No accidents have been associated with this material. GripTread is now our standard for platforms, stairs and walkways."

"As a manufacture of personal care products slip hazards are a huge issue. We have tested other non-slip decking materials and have discovered GripTread is superior. We chose ¼” GripTread for decking our large (over 1800 Sq. Ft.) blending room platform. They took our layout and optimized sheet sizing to minimize field welding. Sheets were cut to the needed geometry including formed toe plates where possible. Toe plates that were needed around tank cut outs were welded in the shop and passivated prior to delivery. This was a huge cost and time savings for us, and the workmanship was superior. The formed toe plates have a nice radius, which also helps clean up. The deck is constantly wet and even when totally coated with surfactants it still offers good traction. Our first stairway and platform sections have been in service for over 4 years and wear is minimal, even at the pallet drop area. We have made GripTread our standard material for stairs, catwalks and decking needs. We could not be happier. Their prices are very competitive and the value of their experience in clean design and stainless steel fabrication is exceptional."

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